It ran in my children that we have oily skin, so it is a genetic issue and I can't do much to improve it. I've tried lots of solutions to make my skin less bright, in the home cures like using apple cider as a toner to medical process like taking contraceptive pills. These techniques did make my skin look a little less oily and glistening but the excess oil was still there and it often gave me a dirty feeling and I felt very not confident sometimes. My skin was also very susceptible to acne and though I tried plenty of over-the-counter products, my skin just enhanced for a short period of time and then those painful and red places seemed again like weeds. That's why I've been cautious with picking best foundation for oily skin. I get the ones that claim to be 'oil-free' and typically select for medium to full coverage. I did find some good foundations which don't break me out and provide a satisfying insurance and moderate. I can't so I just go for over-the-counter or medium valued goods manage high-end models and all the costly like Estee Launder, Shiseido, Lancome, as I'm saving up for heading back to college again. Listed here are the list of the best foundations for oily acne-prone skin to me:

Bourjois Happy Light Foundation: Do not be misled by the phrase 'light' within the name, it's really a medium insurance foundation. That Bourjois foundation actually includes all of my blemishes. I have delicate acne with a few tiny red spots on my brow (the most oily place) and this foundation hides every thing! I don't have even to make use of any concealer! Lots of people declare that this foundation is oily and could only be used on dry skin ladies. I totally differ. It is quite simple to use and thinks effectively on my skin and despite the fact that my skin looks a bit shiny after around 5 hours, it's still great when compared with many other high-end products and services. I can not find it in just about any local shop therefore usually I research and buy it off from e-bay.

Daily Minerals: this really is my next holy grail! This is a mineral powder foundation and I usually get it through their official internet site. The purchase price will be a lot cheaper in comparison to Bare Minerals. I used before and the protection will be a lot better too. It has never damaged me out and always gives me a velvet and smooth-finished protection. I look like I do not wear best powder for oily skin types. But with this specific foundation, I still have to use some concealer on any larger and noticeable spot.

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Bourjois 10-hours sleep foundation: I really like this foundation. I often use it when I don't need certainly to look flawless. This is more of a tinted moisturizer but still offers rather good coverage. It is very liquid like and easy to distribute. Nevertheless, I do not recommend it if you are now living in an extremely hot and humid area as it will make you seem somewhat oily after some hours. To produce up for that, it gives an extremely pure insurance and never breaks me out! I normally do not use any lotion, except if the temperature is truly dry. I do not use primers also as I had bad experience with it (most of them broke me out). I usually just use these foundations alone, and decide with Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (I love this pressed powder so much, it doesn't break me out, regulates the oil extremely well and at $5, it's a steal!).


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